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Secrets Of Injection Molding Process Adjustment
Original: Original | Author: DGMF Mold Clamps | Publish Time: 2020-09-09 | 6355 Views | Share:
Although the computer-controlled injection speed segmented control system has long existed, the advantages of this machine sets are rarely used due to the limited information. This article will systematically explain the advantages of applying multi-speed injection molding, and briefly introduce its use in eliminating short shots, trapped air, shrinkage, and other product defects.


Flow marks, scorching of the water inlet, molecular rupture, delamination, peeling, and other defects that occur on the heat-sensitive material are caused by excessive shear when passing through the water inlet.

Smooth parts depend on injection speed, glass fiber filling materials are particularly sensitive, especially nylon. Dark spots (wavy lines) are caused by unstable flow caused by viscosity changes. Distorted flow can cause wavy lines or uneven fog. What kind of defects are produced depends on the degree of instability of the flow?


When the melt passes through the water inlet, the high-speed injection will cause high shear, and the heat-sensitive plastic will be burnt. This burnt material will pass through the cavity to reach the flow front and appear on the surface of the part.


In order to prevent injection patterns, the injection speed must be set to fill the runner area quickly and then pass through the water inlet slowly. Finding this speed conversion point is the essence of the problem. If it is too early, the filling time will increase excessively, and if it is too late, excessive flow inertia will cause the appearance of jet patterns. The lower the melt viscosity and the higher the barrel temperature, the more obvious the tendency of this kind of pattern to appear. Since the small water inlet requires high-speed and high-pressure injection, it is also an important factor leading to flow defects.