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Secrets Of Injection Molding Process Adjustment
Original: Original | Author: DGMF Mold Clamps | Publish Time: 2020-09-09 | 5818 Views | Share:
Although the computer-controlled injection speed segmented control system has long existed, the advantages of this machine sets are rarely used due to the limited information. This article will systematically explain the advantages of applying multi-speed injection molding, and briefly introduce its use in eliminating short shots, trapped air, shrinkage, and other product defects.


The geometry of the mold is also a determining factor: thin-walled parts need the maximum injection speed; thick-walled parts need a slow-fast-slow speed curve to avoid defects; in order to ensure that the quality of the parts meets the standard, the injection speed setting should ensure the melt forward flow rate constant.


The melt flow speed is very important because it will affect the molecular arrangement direction and surface state of the part; when the front of the melt reaches the cross-region structure, it should be slowed down; for complex molds with radial diffusion, the melt throughput should be guaranteed Increase in a balanced manner; long runners must be filled quickly to reduce the cooling of the melt front, but the injection of high-viscosity materials, such as PC, is an exception because too fast speed will bring cold material into the cavity through the water inlet.


Adjusting the injection speed can help eliminate defects caused by the slowing of the flow at the water inlet. When the melt reaches the water inlet through the nozzle and the runner, the surface of the melt front may have cooled and solidified, or the melt stagnated due to the sudden narrowing of the runner until sufficient pressure is established to push the melt through the inlet. Nozzle, this will cause the pressure through the inlet to the peak.