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What is a punching mold?
Original: | Author: dgmfmoldclamps | Publish Time: 2020-03-23 | 15494 Views | Share:
What is a punching mold?
How to use a punching mold?
How to maintain the punching mold?
How to install punching molds?

What is a punching mold - dgmf mold clamps Co., ltd

The punching mold is an accessory corresponding to the punching machine. The workpiece is plastically deformed under the combined effect of the punching machine and the resistance of the die to complete the processing process. The punching die is an essential part of the punching process. The accuracy of the punching die is largely determined The accuracy of the workpiece machining.

Structure description

The punching die is the upper half of the whole pair of punching dies, that is, the punching dies mounted on the slide of the press. The upper die seat is the uppermost plate-shaped part of the upper die. When the workpiece is close to the press slider, it is fixed by the die handle or directly with the press slider. The lower die is the lower half of the whole pair of dies, that is, the dies that are installed on the work surface of the press. The lower mold base is a plate-like part on the bottom surface of the lower mold and is directly fixed on the work surface or the backing plate of the press during work. The blade wall is the sidewall of the cutting edge of the punching die hole. The edge slope is the slope on each side of the blade wall of the die cavity. The air cushion is a dome with compressed air as the motive force. See "Bouncing Device". The back-side clamp is a part that supports a unidirectionally acting punch from the other side of the working surface.