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How To Reduce The Cost Of Automotive Stamping Dies
Original: | Author: Jasmine HL of DGMF | Publish Time: 2018-06-22 | 10016 Views | Share:
Analysis of measures to reduce the cost of automotive stamping dies

Analysis of measures to reduce the cost of automotive stamping dies

1. Current status of automotive stamping dies

With the development of the automotive industry and the widespread application of computer technology in the automotive stamping mold industry and the rapid development of automated presses and inspection and scanning equipment, these favorable conditions have facilitated the development and improvement of automotive stamping molds. With the advancement and development of science and technology, in today's automotive industry, manual single-step stamping dies have been gradually phased out in the manufacture of automobiles. The stamping dies currently used in the automotive industry is gradually moving towards integration and automation, and they are becoming more and more complex. At the same time, with the rapid replacement of automobiles and the reduction of automobile production costs, the development of automobile stamping dies has gradually become faster, and the development costs also need to be further reduced with the current form requirements. In summary, it is necessary to continue to improve the manufacturing method of automotive stamping dies, while reducing quality while improving quality.

2. Cost reduction measures for automotive stamping dies

2.1. Optimization of the early stamping process

The use of stamping process simulation technology can optimize the automobile mold making process and can effectively reduce costs. The application of CAE technology can not only judge the performance of stamping parts in advance, accurately judge the defects of stamping parts in order to provide technically favorable support for the formulation of the plan, thereby reducing the scrap rate in the process but also measuring the deformation and Distortions provide data for technicians. In this way, the process of manufacturing stamping parts can be significantly optimized and simplified, and the operation and debugging cycle of stamping parts can be greatly shortened. The widespread application of stamping process simulation technology can effectively reduce the development cost of automotive stamping dies.

Compressing the process and reducing the number of mold sets can also reduce the development cost of automotive stamping molds. The application of stamping process simulation technology can make the stamping process properly optimized. At the same time, according to the different properties and specific conditions of the parts, different molds are used to optimize the structure and improve the utilization of automotive stamping mold materials. Reducing stamping tools not only reduces the number of molds in the car manufacturing process, but also reduces production, storage, and transportation costs, and improves production efficiency.

You can also reduce costs by drawing on previous experience. With reference to the previous stamping die manufacturing experience, stamping die designers can not only shorten the time for the development of the stamping die process, but also pay attention to the key points of die manufacturing, optimize the structure of the die and improve the design efficiency. In addition, stamping mold designers can also prevent problems that may occur during the production process in advance according to previous experience, and greatly avoid errors that may occur during the manufacturing process. Reduces manufacturing costs of stamping dies by saving time and reducing errors.

2.2. Optimization of the mold structure

First, the structure of the mold can be optimized by selecting the most suitable material. In the manufacturing process, we must start with the material of the mold. Only by fully improving the utilization rate of the material can we reduce unnecessary waste on the material and thus reduce the cost. At present, the materials of automotive stamping dies are generally divided into three categories: standard parts, forgings, and castings. According to the different types of stamping parts required, automotive stamping equipment, technology, automobile output, and other aspects, we must choose materials that can maximize the savings and meet the needs. Under the premise of ensuring compliance with production standards, automobile manufacturers usually choose materials with lower grades when selecting materials for automotive stamping dies. If you want to minimize costs, plan from the start to reduce unnecessary waste and avoid exceeding expectations. At the same time, when the output is large, materials that can be replaced must be selected so that when the automotive stamping die is damaged, it can be quickly repaired or replaced to avoid unnecessary waste. In summary, in the selection of automotive stamping die materials, various factors must be considered to maximize the use of materials, thereby reducing the manufacturing cost of automotive stamping dies in terms of materials.

During the development of the mold, the process must be designed to make the design of the mold structure simple and practical. The design of automotive stamping dies should be based on the original parts required for stamping. The specific values to be referred to are the number of required components and the accuracy of the required components. In the design, in addition to the traditional optimization measures (such as simplified guidance methods) and reduce the weight of the mold, you can also use the most advanced optimization measures at this stage. For example, computer simulation technology can provide performance simulation and verification reference for automotive stamping mold structure design. When using computer simulation technology to design the mold structure, designers of automotive stamping molds can easily check the structural strength of automotive stamping molds. In this way, not only the performance of the mold can be guaranteed, but also the use of materials can be minimized to achieve the effect of reducing costs.

2.3. Cost reduction during mold processing

Since machining will directly affect the manufacturing cost of automotive stamping dies, machining is particularly important in the manufacturing of automotive stamping dies. First, you need to understand the performance and use of the various parts of the required mold. Once you know the performance of the required mold, you can determine the accuracy of the mold, and then formulate a reasonable program according to the actual situation. Select the most suitable tool for manufacturing with the required accuracy so that the machining process can be optimized. When processing the mold, it can be reasonably manufactured and arranged for production according to the current equipment conditions of the enterprise and the funds of the enterprise, thereby further reducing the cost required in the production process. The order and steps of quenching and finishing are determined according to the actual situation, and the automobile stamping molds are reasonably manufactured.

3. Conclusion

To achieve the goal of minimizing costs in the process of producing automotive stamping dies, optimization and improvement need to be carried out from the preliminary design, production and manufacturing process, and post-production comprehensive performance debugging. In the automobile production and manufacturing industry, reducing the cost of automobile stamping dies in the production and manufacturing can keep the company competitive in the market and not be eliminated by the times.